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Camera optimization issue

Any thoughts why camera optimization would be at 134.76%?

Hey Samuel,
Would you be able to upload a screenshot of your Quality Report? You can try to edit your Camera Model Parameters, which is under Image Properties Editor. You should check to see if the bands in Pix4D are actually matching with your camera. Btw Is it an RGB or a Multi-Spectral project that you are trying to process? Ideally your camera optimitation should be 5% or less.

I am having a similar issue. I’ve fiddled with camera model settings /reflown and still am getting a huge difference in initial and optimized parameters. I’m flying a Phantom 4 Pro. Is there a way to load the base camera model back into pix4d?

Hey Drone View,

Under Calibration/Internal Parameters Optimization you should select All prior. Moreover I would also check my parameters to see if they make sense, which is under Image Properties Editor.

Hello everyone, 


@Samuel, please share your Quality report. Which camera are you using? 

@Drone View, as Selim said, you can try to select the option All Prior that will force the optimal internal parameters to be close to the initial values. You will find more info here.



what are the implications of setting the internal camera parameters to All Prior? What would cause the pix4d to see such a difference between initial and optimized camera parameters.  I tried uploading just the raw imagery to the pix4d cloud, here is a screenshot from the quality report. This was flown with a Phantom 4 Pro

The All Prior option should be used when the camera is calibrated before processing, i.e. when the internal camera parameters are well known, since the All Prior option will not allow the focal length to optimize far from the initial value. 

This option is recommended in cases where: 

  • The terrain is flat and there is no 3D information to facilitate the computation of the optimized camera parameters, which leads to ambiguity.
  • The project is bent after processing. 
  • The focal length is optimized far from the initial value, which also indicates ambiguity (example: the cameras are on the level of the model). 

I hope this helps. Did you use the all prior option already? Did you notice any improvement?

Using the all prior method appears to have created an accurate model. Can you describe what is happening when the focal length is optimized far from the initial value, and how is relates to the EXIF of the photos? Other than using the All Prior option, is there a way to account for this on projects where GCPs are not used? 

I am glad to hear that you had better results with the all prior option. This is not related to the EXIF of the photos but depends on many factors such as:

  • how you fly your drone (speed of the drone for example)
  • the flight height 
  • the features that are found on the images
  • the rolling shutter etc. 

When in doubt, and when no GCPs are available, you can simply measure a distance on the field and then verify the same distance on the map. (in that case, you can also add scale constraints).