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Camera Optimization Mavic 2 Pro

I’m flying at an altitude of 100ft and then an altitude of 75ft with 80/80 overlap on each flight. My camera is still coming in with a 6.3% relative difference between initial and optimized internal camera parameters. What do I need to do differently to get my camera optimization below 5%. I understand I can go back in settings and set the internal parameters to all prior, but I would like to avoid changing that.B01709-20 Pix4D_report.pdf (998.2 KB)

Hi Jared, You could try using ag RGB template, that would help with this kind of homogeneous area. If that doesn’t work, you will need to use all prior as you mentioned. In general or better said ideally, the internal camera parameters should be independent, but this is not always the case. Very often when a project contains uniform data (flat terrain, sand, vegetation), there may occur correlations between the camera parameters since you will have fewer ATP’s at the edge of the images. Having less ATP’s means less accuracy which in your case leads to a high difference in camera optimization. Using All prior forces the optimization to trust more the initial values for initial internal camera parameters values. It can be used when you know that the initial parameters are correct and if

  • The terrain is flat and there is no 3D information to facilitate the computation of the optimized camera parameters, which leads to ambiguity (multiple possible solutions).
  • The project is bent after processing.
  • The focal length is optimized far from the initial value, which also indicates ambiguity

If for all kind of projects/datasets, you get high optimization value, you can calibrate the camera yourself: