Camera Optimization & Calibration Errors

I have a relatively large dataset. I know now that the dataset was not created with enough GCP’s. After processing the first step of Initial Calibration, there appear to be significant errors

After consulting the quality report help page, I’ve tried optimizing the camera parameters in Image properties editor and removing the images where the drone is turning around. The settings are such that geometrically verified matching is enabled and internal calibration parameters is set to all prior.
Should I try processing smaller blocks? I think the issue is caused by flying too low, with too few GCP’s.

For context, this was flown on a DJI matrice 300 with a micasense RedEdge.

CAIAmalt_2022_WARVA_Apr11_report.pdf (1.3 MB)


I don’t see the changes you mention in the quality report, you need to also reduce the image scale to 1, I see you are using 2.

Interesting use case, are you flying trial plots? You can try our agriculture-specific product, PIX4Dfields, here:

Saudações Amélia
Eu faço muitos trabalhos com finalidade de definir o relevo.
A parte central do seu plano de vôo não possui CGP.
Por experiência posso dizer a altimetria fica prejudicada.
Se há interesse em cotas precisas, haverá necessidade de pontos de controle no centro.
Espero ter ajudado