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Bug importing Tetracam GPS logs

Hi, I’m working with the last version of pix4d (2.0.77) and when I import a GPS file from Tetracam camera, the latitude coordinate doesn’t keep its negative sign. I always have to change it manually.

Here is an example of the GPS file:

I hope it helps to fix this bug.

Thanks and best regards.

Hi Victor,

This is strange. Do you get problems with our current version 2.0.89?
If yes, please send us an e-mail at sending us also some sample images and we will further investigate.

Best regards,


I’m having trouble with the geolocation of the photos that i put in the Pix4D.

My images don’t have GPS coordinates in exif data but i have a .txt file with the repective coordinates of each photo.

I upload the photos and try to put the coordinates file in the command “From File…”. Then, Error e0013. 

I don’t know what is Error e0013. The .txt file that i have only contains the number of the photo, latitude, longitude and altitude. 

How can i put the coordinates file in the software?

Can you help me?

Thank you and best regrads

Hi André,

Perhaps something is wrong with the input file.
There is specific format that complies with Pix4Dmapper. For instance there should be no headers.
You will find more information here:

Hope this will solve the problem.
Best regards,