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Black mesh in P4D

I have been using P4D for well over a year now, and recently all of my mesh has been appearing black in the ray cloud.  In other programs it is now.  All flights were with the same Phantom 3 or 2+, but since the release of 2.0 all mesh has been black. 

I am processing on a Dell 7710 workstation with Nvidia Quadro M3000M


Any help you can provide P4D?

I believe I have fixed this problem.  I went into my NVIDIA control panel and created a custom profile for pix4d to insure that the NVIDIA graphics procesor would be used, not the integrated unit.  This solved the issue.  


My problem now is that about half of my texture files come out black and white, while the other half are full color.  leaving me with some models that are black and white. 

Hello Jake, 

We are glad to hear that the problem is fixed, we would also suspect the Graphic card for these kind of issues. 

Did you try to reprocess your projects with the latest version to see if the same problem occurs? 


Best Regards,