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Best High Resolution imaging Options using a Canon 5DS 50mp

We have a very large aerial imaging project coming up that will require many flights and approximately 3,000 images to be captured. We will be using a Canon 5DS, 50mp camera with a 50mm lens for the imaging. We will be flying at approximately 40-50m in height.

The client needs this resolution in order to see numbers installed on ground equipment. 

I understand that Pix4D does not handle RAW (cr2) file so I’m wondering what the best process available to get these high resolution images from the air to Pix4D.

I’ve seem postings with regards to RAW --> TIFF conversion but the file sizes seem enormous.

I’ve seem postings with less than favorable results using JPEG.


a) capture RAW (cr2) and convert to TIFF?

b) capture JPEG and just use as is?

c) ???


Hi Rick,

Currently, Pix4Dmapper can process only .tiff and .jpeg images.

In general, you should use tiff images when working with thermal or multispectral images (tiff images store more information).

jpeg images give very good results for RGB images, given that they are sharp enough (not blurry) and their overlap is good:

Especially, in your case, that the sensor is so good and the pixel resolution is so high, jpeg images should give you very good results.

Please also note that for large frame cameras (over 40MP), you need a special license (add-on product). For more information, please contact our Sales Team:

Best regards,







Cristina buenas tardes, actualmente quisiera llevar a cabo un proyecto de fotogrametría con un sensor canon 5DSR de 50 MP con el fin de poder obtener modelos optimos con GSD de hasta 2 cm/px. Me podrías recomendar que tipo de lente debo usar en mi sensor para tener buena altura y mejorar mi señal al Drone y también obtener resultados a este detalle. Muchas gracias.


Puedes utilizar nuestra calculadora de GSD para calcular la GSD para diferente alturas y lentes. Cualquier focal (lente) entre 22 mm y 80 mm (en equivalente de 35 mm) debería ser buena. 

Espero que sea de ayuda :slight_smile: