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Basingstoke 3D city model by Skeye B.V

Hi everyone,

Today, our 3D Monday feature brings us to Basingstoke in the UK.

Sketchfab link

This is the story of this model:

“Skeye B.V. was asked to generate a 3D model of the city centre of Basingstoke in the United Kingdom. The purpose of the survey was to check the effectiveness of a dual camera rig in conjunction with a small manned aircraft.

For this survey, it was important to see how much time was needed in the air to generate a dense point cloud with maximum coverage.

The flight plan for this project was made so that the pilot of the manned aircraft would only have to fly large circles. This would ensure that one camera would always be facing in a nadir position whilst the second camera would always be facing at a 35-40 degree oblique angle.

The Basingstoke project consisted of around 900 images and no pre-processing was needed on the images. A small amount of manual noise editing was needed to ensure the best quality mesh.

Skeye B.V. uses small manned aircrafts and UAVs to execute difficult aerial surveys and up-close inspections of objects. For this project, we chose Pix4D because of the easy error checking and validation of the aerial triangulation and the clean and crisp point clouds it produces.” Jasper Mink, Manager Data Processing at Skeye B.V.

Enjoy the 3D visit and feel free to share your comments and your own projects.

Pix4D team