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Norwich Castle UK, 3D Model [by Skeye B.V.]

Dear readers,

For this project Skeye was asked to generate a 3D model of the castle in the city centre of Norwich in the United Kingdom.

This project was flown with an Aerialtronics Zenith equiped with a Sony Alpha 7r and a predetermined flightplan was used in order to minimize the flight time. Around 1400 images were shot and processed in Pix4D.


A Youtube video animation (HQ) can be found here:

The Sketchfab link can be found here:

Company website: 


Awesome project! I really like how well the complex roof structures were reconstructed. 

How have you defined your flight plan?

Good job!

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Hi Pierangelo,

Thank you kindly for your compliment! 

This project was executed by flying an aerial lawn mower grid with the camera in a nadir position on a 80% forward and 80% sideways overlap.

After the nadir flight the exact same flight plan was used but this time the camera was tilted at an 45 degree oblique angle pointing forward. After this flight, another oblique flight was carried but with the flight plan rotated 90 degrees to capture the other sides of the buildings. 

The project GSD was around 0.7 cm. 

More information on this project can be found here in this article written by ‘Drone Magazine’:

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Hi Jasper, 

Thanks for explaining the flight plan and for sharing the article.

Good idea to do two grids with a tilted camera to get the sides of the building and one nadir to capture the view from above. Could you process all images together or did you follow the merging procedure (i.e. processed the data of each flight separately and merged afterward)? Impressive GSD as well.

Feel free to post other projects you have made in the hall of fame! It’s always a pleasure to see. 

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Hi Pierangelo,

You’re very welcome. We will likely post more projects in a later time.

We were able to process all the 1400 36 megapixel images into one project. Several manual tie-points were needed to calibrate a set of facade images and RTK measured GCPs were used to geo-reference the project.

The computer used was a 128GB RAM i7 workstation with a GTX960 graphics card providing additional processing speed.

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