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City photometery

Hello friends
I am working at my city municapility in urban planning department,
We aim to conduct a city Aerial survey, we live in small city about 55 km2, I will try to use either pix4d mapper or pix4d matic, the work will be divided on the basis of 1km2 blocks, sadly the only drones available in my place is phantom 4 pro due to some political problems,
We will do a sample first to check the optimum settings to apply to the full scale survey
120 GCP per Km2
3 different configurations in order to choose 2 configuration for the full city scale pix4d capture:
Nadir /90% overlap /hight 150m /speed medium
Oblique 75 angle/ 80% overlap/ hight 100m/ speed medium
Oblique/ 60 angle /80% overlap/ 70 m high/ speed meduim
So I was wondering is the current settings is suitable for the aim of the project ( 2d orthomosaic map and 3d model of the city) and if there any advices specially for no. Of gcps or the overlap values

Hello @khalidelejla,

I would suggest you to use 80% image overlap rather than 90% because it will increase your processing time. The processing time is very important as it will be a large project. If you want to have a higher overlap, 85% should be great.

The flight height depends upon the GSD(Ground Sampling Distance), so you should choose accordingly.
Regarding the camera angle, if you need a better 3D model, it is important to use the oblique angle. So, my suggestion would be 75-85 degrees.

Apart from the above suggestion, I would suggest you to process the data using Pix4Dmatic software. Pix4Dmatic is more suitable for the larger project. For more information visit the link below.

If you are able to finish your project before the 16th of November 16, you can take part in our community challenge using the Pix4Dmatic software. For more information, visit the link below.