mission parameters

Hello All
I have new project for the urban area, the orthomosaic produced will be used to create cad file for the building in this area.
so I want to know

  1. what is the recommended front and side overlap?.
  2. the covered area will be equal to 3 km2 what is the recommended number of GCPs, and what if we used roof of building to installing GCPs is that recommended?.
  3. if we have two mission, how can I measure the overlap between these two missions?
    note: we will use fixed wing drone with 42 MP camera mounted on it.

thank you

Hi suhaib,
It is always difficult to say exactly what your overlap should be but I would say that you will want to be at 75% front and side. Since you are flying an urban area I would suggest flying a cross grid with between 10-30 degrees of oblique. This will allow you to image each side of the buildings. You can read more about image acquisition in the article below.

As for GCPs on the roof, it shouldn’t be a problem. In fact, it might be the best location since it will probably be unobstructed.

As for overlap between missions, I would simply plan to have your last flight lines overlap so there is no questions about the overlap. This will need to be achieved using your selected flight application.

Thank you Mike