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Roof ortophotomapping issue

Hello everybody,

I would like to ask about your experience with collecting roof photos for ortophotomap. The thing I discovered there is that when capturing building 25 m heigh and I set the height of the mission on lets say 35 m ( so the actual heigh above building is 10 m) and overlaps 75%, the outcome is then messed up.
My interpretation is that drone thinks he really is 35 m above desired object, but for 10 m height, overlap needs to be higher. But is there a way to calculate this?
Or how do you capture roofs for ortophotomaps?

Thank you.
Ivan Neumann

you would have to adapt the overlap for the roof that, as you say, is 10m below the drone.

For that distance it might be better to increase the overlap above 80%. Depending on the characteristics of the sensor the size of the footprint may vary, I advise you to calculate it with the following table: