Creating an orthophoto based on ground level photos

I have a ground platform that scans mainly urban area.
I’ve placed a GoPro 10 pro on the platform, located around 1.3 above ground and directed at 45 degrees towards the ground.
The photos are being taken at a rate of 30 photos per seconds and they have a very high resolution.
The overlap between the photos is very high.
I want to create an orthophoto from those images.
What would be the most suitable processing option to choose?
Does anyone here have any recommendations or similar experience to share?

Hi avigayil,
The most important option will be to set the matching strategy to Free Flight or Terrestrial. However, I have concerns that your overlap might be too much. If you exceed 90% overlap then it becomes very hard for the software to make the correct calculations. You might need to play around with the frames/second camera settings.

I’ve never tried that, but would worry that the image won’t orthorectify due to not having vertical transects looking directly at the building. In other words, your “GSD” at the top of the building would be larger than those near the bottom, if that makes sense.