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Unity street redevelopment project: urban block 3D mapped by Geo-4D

Hi everyone,

Today, our featured project takes us to Unity street, in central Bristol, UK. For an urban redevelopment project, Geo-4D 3D mapped this block of derelict buildings:

Sketchfab link

This is the story behind this model:

“The aim of this project was to provide the site restoration team with an interactive, visual overview of an area ready for redevelopment. An orthomosaic was also generated and provided with a 2D CAD drawing from a GPR and Utility survey.

Due to the buildings being located in a reasonably busy area it was not feasible for the drone mapping mission to extend beyond the bounds of the site, resulting in a lack of data for the outer vertical faces. To ensure that a full 3D model was provided to the client we chose to combine ground-based photogrammetry with the aerial imagery, which took about 45 mins to capture.

The terrestrial and aerial projects were processed separately, before being combined to generate final 3D mesh – a process that is made substantially easier by Pix4D’s manual tie point feature.

Technical Details:

  • Devices used: DJI Inspire 1 w/ X5 and Sony a6000

  • Image capture strategy: Double grid drone pattern and high-overlap, single track terrestrial capture

  • Number of images: roughly 400

  • Pre-processing image treatment: Lightroom was used to adjust highlights, shadows, whites & blacks

  • Software and processing platform: Pix4Dmapper, using a desktop device

  • Project editing: 6x MTPs were used to merge the aerial and terrestrial projects. A processing area, carve annotation, and manual point cloud editing were used to tidy the point cloud.

At Geo-4D, we use Pix4Dmapper as it gives you a lot of manual control to improve results, and allows us to deliver products to a wide range of industries, including forestry, real estate, agriculture, and construction.” James Fleming, Geo-4D Technical Manager

Enjoy your 3D visit and feel free to share your comments and your own projects.

Pix4D team

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