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Mugga Lane: drone-based resources management - Peter Williams - 4D Surveying

Hi everyone,

Today our #3DMonday feature takes us to a drone-based resources management project in Canberra, Australia:

Sketchfab link

The project in the words of its creator:

4D Surveying was asked to be the auditing surveyor for the quarterly volumes of the new zone cell 1 on site. As part of that survey, I was requested to do an overall flight of the whole tip site which I 3D modeled in Pix4Dmapper. 28 GCP’s were placed, 866 images calibrated (100%) with an RMS of 0.021m. This data will be used as a benchmark for further flights to be compared against.

Building on my Land Surveyor skills and experience, I specialise in Drone Surveying for large-scale mapping. I got a Pix4Dmapper with my purchase of the eBee from Sensefly and I love its ease of use and haven’t needed to try anything else.” Peter Williams, Managing Director at 4D Surveying.

Technical details :

  • Device used: eBee RTK survey mapping drone

  • Area Covered:  2.3085 km2 / 230.853 ha / 0.8918 sq. mi. / 570.745 acres

  • Image capture path: A grid pattern for longitude flight split into 3 missions (70% overlap) of 23 minutes each with a flight height of 90 m.

  • Number of images: 866 images calibrated (100%) with an RMS of 0.021m

  • Pix4D software used:  Pix4Dmapper

  • Platform used: desktop

  • GPPs: I imported the GCPS captured with the Trimble R8 GPS rover into the GCP editor.

Enjoy the project, and feel free to share your comments and your own projects!

Pix4D Team



Thankyou Veronica for the post;  looks great

Regards Peter Williams 4D