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P4 Pro plus Sony Alpha

We have been successful with high accuracy mapping projects using Survey Grade Ground Control, DJI Phantom 4 Pro, Pix4D Capture and Pix4D Mapper.

When mapping jobs such as shopping centers we would like to supplement the drone photos with photos taken on the ground with a camera such as a Sony Alpha 6000 or similar.

Is there a tutorial anyone can share on methods for capturing the ground pics (obscure areas the drone can’t see) and integrating those into our processing of the drone capture project.

I’m very familiar with processing the drone data in pix4d but have never collected ground pics or processed them before. Need a Explain It Like I’m a Child type guide.


Thanks @Jaakko_Laihola!

Hi @James_Rader,

For the 3D reconstruction of buildings, I would suggest using mixed aerial and terrestrial combination of projects. You can have a look at how to acquire these images in the following link:

I would recommend high overlap between images in each dataset and between datasets.
Manual Tie Points improve the reconstruction and help to properly adjust the model. For more information: webinar.
Afterwards you will need to process Step 1. of each project separately, add MTPs in the common areas of the projects and then merge them as described in this article:

and in the video suggested above.

I hope this helped.