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Photogrammetry from ground

What type of camera would you recommend for 3d modelling outdoors from ground. I use an DJI from air, but Places wheres there’s trees and buildings get quite messy so i want to take Pictures from ground aswell and merge… I have tried With an Canon powershot G1 X but the result wasnt very good.
 So what type of camera would you use to the best possibly accuracy?
This is for documentation of current situation before we start dig With excavators.
Normally we survey With gps’s but im looking for a faster and better way to this With accuracy down to 2-3cm or better.

Hi Jim, 

You could try with a fisheye camera such as a GoPro. This would enable to have a higher overlap in the images, which should improve the reconstruction. Also make sure that there is overlap between the images acquired from the ground and the images acquired from the air, otherwise the merging procedure might fail. 


Question.  Can Pix4D Mapper support GoPro Hero 3 Silver?

Hi Kurt,

There is an article on how to use GoPro cameras here.

The GoPro Hero 3 Silver is supported but make sure that you use the highest resolution when taking the photos.