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3D Buildings GoPro

Can anyone recommend a GoPro to use with Pix4d


We are a surveying firm that is looking to create 3D models of buildings,using the technique of taking ground photos.

Why GoPro?

Hi Steven


Doesn’t have to be a GoPro, open to any suggestions 

Jarrod, there will be more opinions than cameras, but here’s a few thoughts. The GoPro’s have their place and use. They are ‘action cameras’, ruggedized and very light and have so many mounting and interfacing options. I use them though I like Sony better.

You’re a survey firm so that’s suggesting you’re wanting a model better than approximate and you’re probably not going to want lot of noise. Engineered surfaces and structures can be really tricky. Uniform colors and contrasts could give you fits that might only be solved by getting exposure just right. Modeling mostly flat surfaces I’ve not become a fan of too wide an angle.

The same budget for a GoPro nowadays can get you some seriously brilliant compact cameras that will give you a lot more manual control, and some auto or semi-auto features that can help with getting great shots. Any number of point and shoots from Canon, Sony, Nikon, etc. fall into that category. A personal favorite right now is my Samsung NX-Mini with a fixed 9mm lens.




Thanks Steve - Ill be sure to look into the camera suggested