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Phantom 3 pro or 4?

Getting ready to take the plunge.

Pro’s and cons of either. 

Can I do Surveying task with the 4?

I know the 3 Pro will a friend of mine has one.


I use the P3P almost daily and works great. Just buy a lot of batteries.

You don’t need to spend the extra for the pro IMHO. My P3S works great and for surveying you need photos not video, and all three P3 models use a 12 MP camera for photos.  

I am a Land Surveyor and I’m about to upgrade to the P4 Pro, which has a 20MP camera, plus object avoidance (you really want that if you are a new pilot, trust me…), much longer range, and slightly longer battery life.

My advice wold be to pick up a refurb P3S for about $350 and an extra battery so when(!) you crash it, it won’t hurt so bad as it would with the P4P would at $1,500.