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fisheye camera for terrestrial mapping

I want to buy a camera fisheye for terrestrial photography mapping, but i do not want to spend a lot, any cameras you would suggest that work good and are not very expensive? or would you suggest to use a perspective camera?

You can get the go pro, is not expensive, for 3d models or oblique, terrestrial you can use a go pro, I use it with my phantom, and i use to fly as well nadir when doing 3d reconstruction, for more nadir projects where is needed a good gsd and orthomosaic, I use an eBee, using a canon s110, with the dji phantom and the eBee I can cover all my needs, before i was using another drone for all type of projects and it was not the best for 3d models, not the best for nadir (large areas) projects, I was using different cameras, modified cameras, and doign changes in the drone…many problems! many!, calibrating images, few experience with flight plans, and a long etc of headaches…now I dont complicate my life…