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Mapping Roads with GoPro Hero 4 Silver

Good Afternoon

I’m interested in doing a 3D Mapping of different roads in my city to minimize our surveying work with total stations. I have a GoPro Hero 4 Silver and I want to know how can I make the image acquisition (using oblique images, for example), using a little number of GCP’s. I need to make the 3D mapping of around 12 kilometers of roads, and I will rent the Pix4D Mapper Pro for one month to do that.
The roads of interest have intersections between each others.

Also, I want to know if I can use a 4K video to do that, but I want to do it using full resolution (12MP) fisheye photos.

Any tip you can give me will be extremely appreciated.

Thank you very much,

Dear Alejandro,

If possible, we recommend using still images at the highest resolution. This would give the best results. If you want to use videos, please have a look here

If you would like to map roads, this would fall in the category that we call corridor mapping. We suggest making several flight lines. If you make a single flight line, the use of many GCPs would be essential to get a good reconstruction. You can find our recommendations on this topic here

If you must fly with a single line, you can find our recommendations for GCPs here (again though, we recommend making several lines if possible)

It is important to have enough side overlap (we recommend 60%). If you can have 3 lines, it would be better, but you could also get good results with 2 lines. The photos can be taken at any angle. Though if you want to map the road, we expect it would work well to point the camera straight at the ground.


I would love to see some of your results. This is something I planned on trying out during our off-season.

Have you tried mapping fill volumes of pot holes or wheel ruts?

I would love to hear how these projects have gone for you guys. I would like to do some similar projects and I am sure that the results would be better now with the newer gopro’s .