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Go Pro Karma Grip and Hero 6 for Terrestrial images


I was interested to see if anyone has used the Go Pro Hero 6 and Karma grip for terrestrial images? will it work ok?

Hi Katrina, 

I have seen two similar projects that worked well: 

  • Indoor reconstruction with a GoPro.
  • Reconstruction of a plane crash with a DJI Osmo camera (also handheld).

The two keypoints, in my opinion, are: 

  • Use the highest image resolution, in this case 4000×3000 pixels
  • Keep a regular distance from whatever object you try to reconstruct. This is important for the Ground Sampling Distance (GSD) and how well the project gets reconstructed.

Maybe someone from the community has some other tips about the subject. Keep us posted if you make some tests. 

Hi Pierangelo,

Do you have an example of 3D map of indoor reconstruction taken with a Gopro6 ?

Hi Roger,

As the GoPro Hero 6 is not included in our camera database we do not have any projects to share from our own database.
For indoor mapping I can share this one with you:

Indoor mapping - Spherical camera

If you want to calibrate such a camera, you can follow the instructions in How to calibrate a Fisheye Lens Camera.

You will need a good data set to achieve this result:

  • Enough pictures (80-100).
  • A high overlap and a rich texture.
  • That the acquisition of images is done with a grid flight plan.
  • An acquisition with GCPs.


Hi Marco,

  • Do you have instead an example of indoor 3D reconstruction of a GoPro Hero 3, 4 or 5?
  • Regarding the ‘grid flight plan’ what do you mean by this, as it is in indoor?

Thanks, Alex

Hi Alex,