Using UAV and DSLR cameras to build one model.

Hey all!

I am an archaeologist looking to build 3D models of historical buildings, but I am running into some snags. I want to import photos from my Parrot BeBop2 to get high resolution imagery of roof and higher features, but use my Sony a6000 to capture the majority of the foundation/lower walls of the building. Is there an easy way to use both sets of images in one model? Should I process them separately and then merge the projects? When I put all of the images (UAV and DSLR) into one project, it doesn’t calibrate half of the pictures, making a model of just one cameras images.

Any insight you can provide would be amazing. If you need any supplemental information let me know!


I would suggest processing them as separate projects, then merging them with manual tie points. Be warned that using ground based imagery may require more overlap than what you think might be necessary to get a good result.

Thanks for the reply Mark! When I tried to merge the project, I keep running into this error message which ultimately results in my model not being made.

[Error]: Failed to write to <C:/Users/User/Documents/pix4d/Dionne_Quints_House/1_initial/project_data/thumbnails/Documents_pix4d_Dionne Scan_Bebop2_20180430121629-0400_512.jpg

[Warning]: Warning w9020: GDAL Error \<4\> Unable to create jpeg file C:/Users/User/Documents/pix4d/Dionne\_Quints\_House/1\_initial/project\_data/thumbnails/Documents\_pix4d\_Dionne Scan\_Bebop2\_20180430121637-0400\_512.jpg.

Any tips?


As already mentioned, we recommend processing the dataset separately and merging them afterward. More here:

At which point did you receive the “Warning w9020”, before or after the merging? 

Could you try to start the process from scratch and let us know if the issue persists? Can you load the results on the rayCloud?

If it persists, could you please upload the full log file of the project, which is located under: …\project_name\project_name.log, as well as the PDF quality report if this has been generated?