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Getting Started, Bebop Drone.

So i am trying to learn how to use this for make 3d models of things for personal reasons, I have tried to do it myself but a lot doesn’t make sense to me so any advice would be appreciated, what i have tried is to make a model of my house, by flying the parrot bebop all the way around taking about 100 photos, then putting them into program and letting it do the work, but all the end result is a load of meshed pictures, any advice?

Hi Craig. I’m not exactly sure what you mean by ‘meshed pictures’ and I don’t have a Bebop, but if I had to make a 3D model of my house I would fly around it at different elevation and with sufficient overlap.

About the camera angle, I think with the Bebop it’s difficult because the camera is pointing horizontally, but you should try to capture the images with an angle pointing to the ground to capture as less sky as possible in your images. Sky pixels are not useful for the processing and it is a waste of part of the image for the calibration.

If you are still having trouble with that flight plan I would try to add manual tie points to improve the calibration.

Hope it helps!

Because of its low weight (< 0.5 kg), the Bebop 2 is a very interesting drone. However, mainly because of the limited camera quality, I honestly doubt that it can be used for serious mapping projects.

Any hands-on experience so far?
Can anyone provide an orthomosaic, based on images taken by a Bebop 2?

Thanks a lot.