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Parrot Bebop 2 Pro - Vertical / Nadir Surveying and Mapping


I would like to inquire if one can use the Parrot Bebop Pro 2 drone for normal vertical / nadir / downward looking surveying and mapping?

Thanks in advance for any answers and assistance. 

Kind regards

Hi Henno,

Thank you for your questions.

The Bebop 2 is using a fish-eye camera which is not well suited for DSM and orthomosaic generation. We better recommend it for mapping buildings and reconstruction of facades. It is more appropriate to obtain 3D textured meshes.
The design of the bebop 2 and it’s fish-eye camera will not enable you to make a vertical downward looking mission.

However, Pix4Dmapper can process images taken with a fish-eye camera and then you will be able to process/generate the outputs from it.

For images taken with the drone Bebop 2, the sky is automatically removed during step 1. Initial Processing_._ This is done with the Automatic Sky Masking option, which is selected by default with such images. For more information: 205327965.

Please double check if the preprocessing option is selected for Step 1. initial processing: