Photo 360 parrot fly cam

Hello everyone ;

i have use  parrot bebop 2 + pix4D capture but photo  i hass been got is photo 360 . Can i have got photo nomarl


Who can help me ? Please

Can you post one of the images you took? I’m not sure I understand the issue. 

Hello  Pierangelo;

Here is picture

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The Parrot Bebop2 has a fisheye lens camera. This results in these “fisheye” images as the one you have posted. Based on what I saw on Parrot’s website, they seem to call these “180° images” as well. They record this format by default and I’m not sure it is possible to modify that. 

However, if you want to have “undistorted” images, you can get these when processing with Pix4D Desktop software. This link could help: