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Combining drone pictures with smart phone pictures

Could you briefly explain to me how to combine iPhone (8) pictures with drone pictures? Buildings on our building site cannot be fully photographed by the drone so I would like combine the technologies? 


Unfortunately the results may not be practical but worth testing.

Gps tagging of iphone imagery.

Down load imagery and process step 1 (phase 1) as one job.

Process sUAS data phase 1 as another job.

Finally, combine the two jobs together…reprocess Phase 1 and other processing steps you may need.


Hi Frank,

Pix4Dmapper software can process images captured by any UAV and any camera, compact, DSLR, large frame, and perspective or fisheye lens.

As @Gary already mentioned, the best way to proceed is to process the two projects separately and merge them afterward. More information in the Merging projects article.