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Capture ground images to enhance uav 3D model

Hi there
Just wanted some guidance on what can be done with cloud advanced license and pix 4d catch would it be possible to capture ground images with a iPhone 12 pro and add them to images captured by uav of say 15 buildings to enhance the 3D model produced by cloud advanced

Hi @dronesbyair,

You can merge the projects captured by the drone(aerial) and the Pix4Dcatch app(terrestrial). However, I would suggest you to use the Pix4Dmapper. Pix4Dmapper allows you to merge two projects which is not available on the Pix4Dcloud Advanced license. For more information, visit How to merge projects.


I am trying to use Pix4D catch to improve UAV mapping. I scanned my test site with both implements. The iPad images do not contain any GPS coordinates. How can I remedy this issue.


The image should contain GPS coordinates. The only reason I could assume is that the app doesn’t have permission to use the GPS while operating. So, go to Setting> Pix4Dcatch> Location> Make sure While Using the App is checked.

Just for your information, a subproject with no image geolocation can be merged with a subproject with image geolocation. For more information visit, How to merge projects