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Combined Drone and Laser Scan

Some images of a recent project captured at high level with a Matrice 600 carrying a Sony A7r camera processed in Pix4d and combined with laser scanner data for the facades captured with a Faro X330 scanner, the results came out really well.




Well done! The point cloud looks very clean, did you have to filter or edit the point cloud?

Hi Pierangelo,

There was some noise from the photogrammetry point cloud mainly around reflective structures and the tops of trailer which were solid white, the data from the scanner was very clean. We used targets surveyed with a total station to sub 5mm for both the scan data and drone data and combined them together, we removed most of the drone data from areas covered by the scanner but the fit between the two was very good indeed.

Hi Lee, 

Ok makes sense! Reflective structures and solid white areas are always tricky because it’s nearly impossible to find keypoint matches between the images. Cool project! Looking forward to seeing more of your work on the community.

Thanks Pierangelo, will post more stuff up soon :slight_smile:

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So did you set the scan targets in the same locations as the GCP targets to tie the clouds together?

Wow! This is incredible. Was wondering if you combined the exported .las file with your Faro laser scan data in Scene or Recap?


Given images and 3D scans, is Pix4D really merging both to make a 3D pointcloud or is it just overlaying both pointclouds into one?

Hi Lee,

We are looking at purchasing a Faro Scanner, would it be possible to process the data from the laser scanner all in Pix4D so we didn’t have to purchase Faro Scene Software?