Pix4D cloud advanced Insta 360 compatibility?

I was thinking about getting a 360 camera and wondering what the compatibility is with Pix4D cloud advanced? I know DroneDeploy now supports direct 360 walk-throughs on their 3-D mapping. But I don’t want DroneDeploy and I’m wondering how to best incorporate 360 walk-throughs with Pix4D maps. Is it possible or should I just get a different program?

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For now, still not possible. But, I would like to understand exactly what you need. Process projects captured with the 360 camera or be able to have in an annotation the possibility of inserting and opening an image in 360.??
Please could you give us more information?

I would like to pass your feedback to the product team.

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I have not purchased an insta360 yet as I’m still deciding between the x1 and the RX and guaging interest with a potential large customer. Also as I’m learning photogrammetry and have not landed a paying customer yet I’m trying to practice collecting data and process results while still working at my job as a paramedic. I’ve been doing that 27 years so the transition to my own business will take a bit. I’m pretty sure at this point I’m going to be using some pix4D products I’m just trying to practice so I can have deliverable products for customers on day one. The ink on my part 107 is still wet😂. Thanks for your support. Tech support is also a factor as I was trying out Drone deploy a couple weeks ago and they failed miserably even at a sales support level. Thinking about using scan to fly a cell tower on my friends land next week just to see what I can do. I probably proceeded about 9 datasets in Drone Deploy and several in MME. Mostly its expiermenting with height, overlap, camera settings and capture apps. I’m setting into pix4D capture and about to try scan as well. Trying to figure out how to get the flight pattern to load into the p4p with out burning through drone batteries can be a task sometimes.


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