Clean up 3D similar to dronedeploy

Hi all,

I’m currently trialing pix4dmatic and leaning towards it mainly because I’m interested in a powerful specific desktop app instead of a cloud app.

However, I just ran a test using only default settings in both PIX4Dmatic and dronedeploy and I was surprised to see such a substantial better outcome in dronedeploy but I’ve heard PIX4D is generally better at 3D results.

See attached sample screenshots, taken from the same mission, exact same photos, using all default settings. I let both PIX4D and dronedeploy just do their thing.

PIX4Dmatic was much, Much faster, especially since I have a powerful PC to utilize. by the time the photos simply were uploaded to dronedeploy I already had everything processed in PIX4d which is a huge win for me, but discouraged by the 3D results since dronedeploy was so much better based on defaults.

also for reference, simple mission flown with a double grid, also attached mission settings.
one last reminder, I uploaded the the exact same photos to each application, so I’m hoping there are some settings within PIX4Dmatic instead of settings in the mission so I can compare apples to apples.

thanks for any input/advice you can provide. I have a bout a week left in my trial so trying to make a decision fairly quickly.

Hi @Jaime

Thanks for reaching out with the question.

In the screenshots you have shared, you seem to be comparing the textured mesh from DroneDeploy to a dense point cloud in PIX4Dmatic. Was this on purpose?

In PIX4Dmatic, you’d need to select the “Mesh” processing step to get to the same output as what you’ve shared from DroneDeploy. The “Mesh” processing step has a few options you can play with, such as texture size or maximum number of triangles. I’d typically bump the texture to 16kx16k for better results and sometimes the number of triangles to 10M just to be on the safe side.

That said, what use case are you trying to solve? i.e. what problem do you try to solve with this model? I’m asking as this may impact the type of results you’d like to get out of PIX4Dmatic, or even the flight pattern you’d have. If I’m not mistaken, your cameras look nadir (-90° angle), if the goal is indeed a 3D model, I would have the camera more oblique, so that you can capture the side of the buses and buildings more consistently, which will result in a better result in the 3D model too.

Looking forward to hearing from you

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Hi @Pierangelo_Rothenbuhler thank you for clarifying that. No I didn’t intend to compare mesh vs dense point cloud, I reprocessed in PIX4Dmatic and also selected mesh and got better results so I will play with those settings.

The original goal of this was only for a 2D orthomosaic which is why the camera was nadir, but I wanted to see if I could get a useful 3D model from it for visual purposes in a presentation.

After selecting mesh below is my initial result, now that I’m on the right track I will play with the settings. I appreciate your help, always nice when it’s mostly a simple checkbox :slight_smile:

Sounds good! Don’t hesitate to post any feedback you’d have on the software in the community, always looking for ways to improve it. Enjoy the processing!