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Why is Pix4D better than DroneDeploy?

Hello, Im a new pilot and starting in the mapping industry. I have used DD and it seems suitable but I gather that p4D is much better. How and Why?
I have struggled to get to grips with the training on this, any help would be gratefully received before my trial runs out. Again.

Hi Paul,

Welcome to the community, drone piloting and mapping!

Are you able to share what type of mapping or projects you are interested in doing? This can help inform what features could suit you best.

There are a lot of different reasons one piece of software can be better than another, however the determination should be made by each individual user and their use case. While I can be seen as biased, I can at least point out a couple obvious differences to get you started. Hopefully others can chime in as well.

Drone Deploy vs. PIX4D

  • PIX4D works across platforms, can be used offline/desktop or on cloud, DD is cloud based only. It has been found that local processing can produce more accurate results over cloud processing.

  • PIX4D offers terrestrial capture through the PIX4Dcatch app that can suppliment and improve on aerial datasets.

  • PIX4D has a larger suite of products allowing a wider range of options one can pass to their clients, and expand upon their business offerings.

Other resources to explore:

I hope you find this a good start. Going out as much as you can and using the software ultimately will give you the best idea. If you come across anything that sticks out to you, we look forward to hearing your results as well.