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Poor rendering - wrong sensor size?

I’m in the trial period and comparing Pix4D with Dronedeploy.

I’ve flown a site under DD and collected 455 images. The first chunk being from the DD auto flight at 300 feet, the second chunk are manually flown from a lower height and taken every 2s to get images of the verticals.

First run through Dronedeploy made a passable render of the construction site but Pix4D is awful. When I look at the report it shows a sensor size of 11 x 8mm, from a camera in the database, yet I’m flying a P4Pv2 with a 1" sensor. Can I override the sensor size and reprocess? Could that be the problem?

I can’t post images or links as it is a commercially sensitive project, but I can say that a pickup truck looks like a pickup truck (sort-of) in DD, but in Pix4D it is just a mess of pixels, which also describes the building (sides and top).

I figured it would be challenging as it is a huge greenhouse but I’m surprised at the difference between the two packages. At least I have some report data from Pix4D, I guess.

Hi Steve,
could you attach the report please?


Unfortunately, this is a confidential project and the geo data would constitute a breach of contract. I can see that the sensor size is wrong, but this came from DroneDeploy, so I need to look there.

Hi @steve3,
if you are using a camera that is already in the Pix4D internal camera database, then you should not worry about changing the camera model.

For example, if you use a DJI Mavic Pro drone then Pix4D will detect that it is DJI Mavic Pro and load the optimized camera parameters.
There can be some slight differences between different models but these differences should not significantly alter the results.

You mentioned that you made several flights in order to cover the whole area. Do you get the same issue also when processing the subflights separately?