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[Desktop] Mapper, Two different sensor dimensions? DJI P4Pro

Hi,  I recently surveyed some fields with a DJI Phantom 4Pro.  I used Drone Deploy for one section and Pix4D Capture for the other.  When Iv come to process it, on one survey I get two different sensor sizes?

Very confused!

link to quality report attached. 

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Hi Peter,


This is happening since the format of the images is different. You can see this also from the camera models that have been assigned one is 4864x3648 and the other 5472x3648.





I guess my question is does this matter?

How are they different? The only thing I changed was the capture program.

Hi Peter,


Indeed this is what is happening here. Unfortunately, I cannot tell you exactly what would cause this; but since you use two different capture apps then it may be that the resolution changed in the settings from on to the other. 


Have a good day,


Iv posted this up on the Drone Deploy Forum, See if they can shed some more light on the subject.