Banding in DSM outputs from Mavic3E

Has anyone encountered banding in their DSM data from Mavic3E ?
We have noticed data looking like it was on the BBQ grill. The errors or warping align with the flight lines.
It does appear that its possibly from incorrect calibration. The error is more noticeable if every second image is used.
Any help with this one would be appreciated.

Hi Glen,
Can you attach your quality report so we can take a look?

This is the issue we are getting.
This occurs in Global Mapper when past data taken by a Phantom P4 is compared to M3E data
We have managed to produce a correct comparison in other software. But problem appears in all of our datasets taken with M3E. This leads us to beleive the issue lies with Pix4D software. We are using pix4Dmapper
Each of those red hotspots is directly under a camera. So this could be from poor calibration of images within Pix
We are using v4.8.4 which apparently supports the M3E.

Hi Glen,
I looked at your quality report, and you have the rolling shutter correction turned on. This is a global shutter camera and there is no need to have this enabled. In all likelihood, this is causing the problem.