Phantom4 Multispec red edge densification fail

Hi there,

I’ve got a couple of big P4MS surveys (>100ha) that I am seeking to process in Pix4dmapper.
They were (mostly) acquired with RTK FIX, and have RTK GCPs available also.
The drone was flown 80% forwardlap, 70% sidelap, 120m AGL. The projects have either 10,000 or 12,000 .tif files as input (ie the P4MS bands 1 - 5).

For both of these surveys, I run initial processing and create a decent, if slightly noisy sparse point cloud.

When I try to run the point cloud densification stage, the red, green and blue bands seem to run just fine, however for both surveys the red edge band fails with the following error:

I don’t understand why it would fail on just one band. I haven’t processed much multispectral data in Pix4dmapper before. Based on the reading I’ve done, I’ve followed the recommended workflow, which is:

  • create a new project
  • import only the .tif files from the flights. Ignore the .jpg files. Import all the .tif files for each band.
  • use the multispectral template
  • run initial matching
  • apply GCPs (when I do this it only seems to let me apply GCPs to the blue and red bands, ie files *1.jpg and *3.jpg)
  • run stages 2 and 3 to generate the mosaics for each band. For the densification, I’m using the default settings of 1/2 scale images, low point density and minimum of 3 matches per point.

Can anyone offer any suggestions or guidance as to how to overcome this issue?