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Banding Issues with Imagery between Flight Lines

 Hello! First time question asker. I apologize if this is in the wrong place!

I flew a photomission consisting of a series of flight lines with a Phantom 3 Professional. The imagery was stitched together well, but there is a clear banding regarding the color between the lines. Are there settings that I should change on the drone itself? They are currently set to auto. Anything that I can do in postprocessing? Should I make any changes to my flying?

We’re going to try and fly at a higher altitude. We already have have plenty of overlap between images according to the processing report.


Hi Eric,

Check if you can notice some color variations on original images, e.g. different lighting conditions between flight lines. This could cause the issue you are facing. If you are using Pix4Dcapture for image acquisition you can find more information about cameras settings here: (Android and iOS) Camera settings in the app 

Also make sure that the overlap that you set is high enough. Check this article to find the scenario that suits you: Selecting the Image Acquisition Plan Type.

To edit the orthomosaic you can use the Mosaic Editor.



We had similar issues for a particular project area and learned that it was being caused by a bright spot in the individual images. The bright sot is known as a glory and is related to light reflecting off water droplets, or in our case by moisture evaporating from the ground surface. The bright spot is surrounding the drones shadow, so if you can aquifer the imagery without having the shadow in the frame you should be fine. Alternatively you could mask out the bright spot and reprocess and threat might fix the existing data set.


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Thank you for sharing Jason, will be helpful for other users

I realized that I never said thank you to the community for your thoughtful responses! I sincerely appreciate the help (even though it’s very late)! It was all very helpful!

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