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background map gone when pressing set grid button (using DJI smart controller)

Hi all,

I’m using a DJI smart controller for my Mavic 2 Pro.
When entering the Capture app, there is a plain blue background. I zoom out until, in satellite view, a very large-scale map of the world shows (always the bit over W-Africa). I am then able to zoom in and set the background map to my part of the world (E Australia).
The “target” button, which automatically sets the map to your current location, does not work.
When the desired survey location is set by zooming in manually as described, and I then press the “set grid” button the background map disappears.
Pix4D Capture works fine on my iOS device (ipad)… so I wonder if anyone else has experienced this issue on their Android smart controller…
Looking forward to hearing from you!