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Map problems, blue background displayed

When I attempt to plan a new mission in Pix4D Capture the map will not populate. I only see a blue background, and therefore cannot determine where to orient my grid or make adjustments to the limits of where I want to fly. 

Any ideas why the map is not being generated when I try to plan? Thanks in advance.

I’m using an IPad and have the newest Capture App. The options for maps are Apple maps or Mapbox. I’ve tried both, same result.

Hi Derek,

In your case, I assume that your position is centered over the ocean, hence the blue background on the map.

I would then suggest you:

  • to zoom out until you can see your position on the world map et then position the grid over the desired location.
  • Tap the button to recenter the grid over your current GPS position. (button on the bottom left corner of the screen).