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pix4dCapture places flight grid off the coast of Africa.


I have installed Pix4d on an iPad mini and when I launch it, it places the flight grid near the coast of Africa while it shows the P4P at the correct location. Is there a way to move the grid to the drone’s current location or am I stuck manually moving the grid (very, very slowly) across the Atlantic ocean?

I noticed that the 2D mission starts with the grid at the drone location while the 3D grid (double) starts near Africa.


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Thank you for your understanding. 

I figured it out. You must zoom to the drone, then reset mission.

Correct, the “Reset” button should be used to reset the grid. More specifically, we would recommend the following workflow:

  • Open Capture, wait until the gps position of your device is displayed
  • Tap on the “GPS” button (bottom left button when you’re in a mission), you’ll be centered on your device position
  • Tap on “Reset” to place the grid on your current position

By default the grid is placed at the location of your device when Pix4Dcapture is started. Sometimes the GPS position is not acquired at the first start of the app. In this case, the grid is placed at the (0,0) coordinates which is located off the coast of Africa, also known as “Null Island”. 

Once a project was created, the grid should be initialized on the previous project if the GPS position is not correctly acquired at the start. The Pix4Dcapture team is working on simplifying the process.