Ctrl+DJI w/ Pix4dcapture missing basemaps

I am using Pix4dCapture on my Phantom 4 Pro (v1) built-in controller, using the Ctrl+DJI app. The usb cable is connected to itself. When I enter the map view to plan a mission, I am unable to see a basemap (see attached screenshot). I have a stable internet connection.

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This is probably an issue from the Basemap provider. In Pix4Dcapture, the default Basemap provider is MapBox.

In some places, you may experience missing tiles while using the map or satellite view depending on the zoom level. It can be possible to zoom but no tile is displayed or the zoom level is blocked. Unfortunately, only the base map provider is responsible for that. It may also come from the fact that some countries intentionally downgrade the resolution of the Basemap provider for political reasons.


Please feel free to let me know if this information is helpful or if you have further questions.

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