Autel Evo II 6k processing errors (R0010) with PIX4Dreact and PIX4Dfields

We recently became aware of errors when processing datasets from the Autel Evo II 6k using PIX4Dreact and PIX4Dfields. Images can be loaded into PIX4Dreact/PIX4Dfields but processing will fail with an error code R0010. Investigations point to conflicting Exif tags found in the recent firmware upgrade V0.3.0.0.

As a temporary workaround, a custom XML camera parameter file can be used to process data with this drone. The file is attached to this posting.

For instructions on how to import the camera parameter file please see the article below:
How to import the camera parameter file

autel_XT705_6k_NewFirmware.xml (1.1 KB)

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I have also experienced this problem, the error code that is, using a DJI Zenmuse XT@. I know this is a thermal camera, however, I use the JPG files (not the radiometric files). I have done this in the past have had success with it. I believe the problems started with the firmware upgrade to 01.4.02.

Is there a way to revert back to the previous firmware update so that I can finish my project.

I have sent two notices to tech support, but have not heard back. Last ticket # was 125175.

Thank you

I pulled up the support ticket (125175) and my colleague @Jose.Arnaudo replied on Monday, August 8th. Did you not receive it?

No, I did not. If the response could be directed to the gmail account as opposed to the cableone account as the cableone account is no longer valid.

Thank you


That’s strange, anyway, I see from the logfiles some library is missing.
Could you re-install PIX4Dreact again? You can download from here and just install it again