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Support for Autel drones

The feature set of Autel’s newest drones are making them attractive to us (construction industry). Please consider supporting the Autel’s EVO line in the flight app. Thank you.

Yes, Pix4d, what about these really nice drones with multiple camera setup?

Ditto! As a public utility, DHS has cautioned us on using DJI Drones. Autel has been the most attractive alternative for us. We have an EVO 2 and would like to get an EVO 2 Pro when they are released, but will only do that if it’s supported by Pix4Dcapture.



Agreed, the Evo 2 is going to be a game changer for many and support from Pix4D and others is needed. I realize that they only provide for a rolling shutter, but Pix4D has that covered in many other sensors.
I am trying to get away from DJI for several reasons but need to maintain those aircraft for mapping and modeling reasons until Pix4D can provide a resolution for Autel.

Thank you.

Hi all,

Autel Evo and evo 2 can be processed with pix4Dmapper as Pix4Dmapper is camera agnostic. However, in Pix4DReact we will very soon support Autel Evo. We can also support Evo2. We would just need some help from you guys in terms of datasets. We will grateful if anyone can get us a dataset according to the requirements below (both for Evo and evo2). If we get a good dataset, it will not take very long for it to be supported in Pix4DReact. We had some datasets collected, but those were without GCPs and did not work very well for calibration.

  • Enough images (50 - 150 images).
  • Non planar scene (not all objects having the same height)
  • High overlap and rich texture.
  • Several grid flights (at different heights) OR oblique imagery with sufficient overlap.
  • With GCPs.

For Pix4Dcapture, we will recommend this to our capture team!

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Thank you for the reply.
Will it be recognized by the pix4d mapper application?

@michaelctaylor It is. Mapper reads the camera parameters from the EXIF of the images if the camera is not in our database and thus is camera agnostic. I myself have used Autel Evo images with Pix4DMapper, Evo2 should work as well.

@momtanu.chakraborty Thank you for this update. As soon as I can get my hands on an Evo 2 I’d very much like to help be part of the solution with whatever data I can collect!

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Thank you.
I sincerely apologize for my misleading question.

What I meant to ask was if the aircraft would be supported with the capture app.

If you are flying with the Evo, are you flying with pix4d capture or another FC app.

I just updated and I do not see any Autel aircraft as an option.

Thank you.

@michaelctaylor Isn’t there a mission planning app that Autel provides? We do not have this camera in Pix4Dcapture, but I have added it in our feature list, but cannot say for sure if and when this will be supported by Capture. I will update here if I have any news regarding that.

Please do , I have the Autel Evo and have pre ordered the Evo II Pro and Duo. I’ll need them mapping asap.

I’m currently flying a grid mission with Evo 2 without any GCPs. Where can I submit these files for you guys?

Somehow, we missed this. However, all the autel drones are now in Pix4DMapper database enabling you to process in Pix4DMapper as well as Pix4DReact. For the autel evo 2 dual, only the RGB camera is in our databse (so yu will only be able to process the RGB iamges in Pix4DReact). Since Pix4DMapper is camera agnostic and I checked that the thermal res is 640*480, you should be able to process the thermal images as well. However, the RGB and thermal images must be processed as sepaarte projects.

Great news!
You just made a bunch of folks happy!

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What picture size from the Evo does pix4dReact accept?
I just tried a 4000 x 3000 image mission and Pix4Dreact did not accept the camera format.

Pix4DReact 1.1.3 supports these autel models:

XT701_4.7_7680x4320 (Autel Evo II)
XB015_3.2_4000x3000 (Autel Evo I)
XT705_10.6_5472x3648 (Autel Evo II Pro 6K)
XT706_4.7_4000x3000 (Autel Evo II Dual RGB)

We do not have the cropped resolutions in the database and recommend capturing data with the highest resolution. However, if you have any old dataset which do not match these resolutions, reach out with 2-3 images, we can provide you with an XML file which you can import and process successfully.