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Upgrade APP for Autel EVO2 6K and Mavic Air 2 / M300

Hello , can you give approximatly release date for your APP included new product from Autel Evo 2 series and Mavic Air 2 and Matrice M300 please , thanks


There are no plans to support above drones in 2020. If things change, we will post here to inform the community.

hello, so i m very shocked than Pix4D doesnt work with new UAV on market …


I am also unhappy that you are only supporting one type of drone company. EVO looks much better in performance to dji and it seems like you should invest a little time and money to integrate with pix4d. We spend a ton on our subscription. Are you owned bye DJI?

For Professional Drone Service Providers, software integration is critical for complex jobs. Large jobs (100+ acres) with lots of elevation change require terrain following (or multiple launch points). Skyscraper inspections you want facade mission planning like in Ugcs. I can go on.

If the compatible piloting software is limited in selection and functionality, this drone is a dead-end for many Commercial Drone Service Providers doing more than making maps and taking real estate photos/video.

DJI is not necessarily the end all, but having a long-standing history, large selection of compatible software, and large user community are all very valuable. Easy to get caught up in the hype of “the latest” specs.

If I could see some significant detailed reviews/discussions from Commercial Services Pros who have used this drone extensively, especially from the piloting software functionality/reliability, only then would I even begin to ponder a purchase decision.

I have a feeling Pix4D (and others like DroneDeploy and UgCS) are thinking the same way as far as deciding to invest development resources.

I don‘t understand that? The M300 is the new top of the line product of DJI and it‘s not supported?

I am using an Autel Evo II Pro and may upgrade to RTK when it comes out. It is above and beyond a better drone than a similar DJI. I need pix4dcapture support with this drone. It is kind of mystifying why pix4d would “have no plans” to include support for Autel products with pix4dcapture. They include parrot models in the app. Pix4d also supplies a year of free pix4dreact to autel pro purchasers. The OP was a few months ago. Are there still no plans to include Autel drones in the capture app?

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I use my Autel Evo 2 in all weather and strong winds (30 mph gusts). I fly over my fields to create NDVI indexes. For processing photos I use Pix4Dfields. Great program. But I really need EVO 2 support in Pix4Dcapture.
Sorry for my english.