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[Android, iOS] Background map, basemap provider resolution is low

I have moverio glasses. The resolution of the sat map is pathetic and does not enable me to set a flight plan accurately. Which URL works best to access better resolution maps/sat images?

Hi Grant,

Indeed, in some places, you may experience missing tiles while using the map or satellite view depending on the zoom level. It can be possible to zoom but no tile is displayed or the zoom level is blocked. Unfortunately, only the base map provider is responsible for that.

You have several workarounds to this issue:

  • Switching from the satellite to the map view might partially solve the problem of the missing background information when adjusting your grid in Pix4Dcapture.
  • Change the street or/and satellite basemap provider. In Pix4Dcapture, go to Settings > Map. Few basemap providers are available. By default, it is MapBox but you can test for example ESRI World Imagery to see if it improves the resolution.
  • Set a custom map provider like Google Maps. This community post and this comment describe how to proceed.
    Import a .kmz/.kml file.

Note that the low resolution of the maps may also come from the fact that some countries intentionally downgrade the resolution of the basemap provider for political reasons.