Map View- image services

It would be nice to have some options to import raw imagery, or have multiple background maps to choose from. In the mining industry, things change so quickly that most of the current imagery is outdated.

Being able to bring in an ArcGIS server REST endpoint would be great.

Example: Virginia (US) Base Mapping service

Hello John,

If the resolution is not satisfying or the content not recent enough with satellite data (DigitalGlobe) you could switch to the map background (OpenStreetMap), or even to the orthomosaic background once you ran step 3 and generated the output. The precision will be much better but the surroundings will not be displayed.

Have a look to this article for these settings:

However it is not possible to change the satellite background to another provider at the moment.
We may consider your suggestion for future releases though.

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This post is over a year ago now, so was this implemented to use other map providers? I have looked , but seems not?

This is a real need for here because the current map now being used in Pix4D for Asia anywhere outside of the city areas is just terrible. 


Look at these screen shots. If I zoom one more step in on these tow they both go to black with no map showing

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Dear John,

We did change map provider with version 3.1: we are now using Mapbox. However, it is not possible to choose an ARCGIS server as you suggested. While we strive to continuously improve the software, the addition of new features depends on many factors. There are always many feature requests and improvements to be made. Rest assured that we have logged your request and appreciate your feedback. 

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So now we are 3 years and 6 months on, has this now been resolved? I still cant find any options to change the background base maps in Pix4Dmapper. I’m still struggling with these really poor and outdated maps especial here in Asia.

Hi @John_Campen,

Yes, unfortunately, it’s still not possible to change the map provider.
This feature request isn’t considered as a priority at the moment. However, I’ll reach out to our team again. Our apologies for this inconvenience.