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No map background

The map background is no longer displayed under the map tab, neither in satellite nor in map.
I had the same problem on pix4DCapture, solved by changing the map provider.
Are there any problems with MapBox?
Thanks ! :slight_smile:

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You can find more in this community post:


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We do see this behavior, too. Version number is 4.5.6.

Hi thanks for your answer.
I’m currently in 4.4.12 and can’t go for a newer version.

Your Support & Upgrade subscription has expired. You can only use up to version 4.4.12 of the software.
Please check the licence page for more details and to extend your subscription.

Download valid version

So, if i not subscribe to a “Support & Upgrade” extension i’m stuck with my bugged pix4D version ?

Hi @maintenance.drone,

In case you can’t renew your Support and Update you won’t see the base map.
However, as we mentioned in the post you can keep using the older version without basemap. There will be no impact on processing and delivering the results. It’s just a visual issue.


This simply looks like a joke from you. What do you mean “you won’t see the base map”?
We all paid money for your software WITH the base map and we WANT to see a base map! I can’t remember if there was any statement that you can simply turn off any of functions of the software when I was paying for it. We just want to have all functions of the software as we paid for it year or two ago… This is simply unfair to say “pay us more then you will have map view back”… Look like a bad joke guys. Really.

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You just need to send us a full version of software as we bought it. No matter when. But if we had an option with a map view, you should just provide us such a version. Othervise I don’t want your software anymore. Maybe next year you will turn off couple of more functionalities??? Funny. Really funny…

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I am sorry to hear about your frustrations.
Please keep in mind that we did not remove the feature. It was the map provider who did the changes making old Pix4Dmapper versions incompatible with these changes.

Our sales team will get in contact with you to better explain the situation and your options.
I hope things get sorted out and you keep enjoying mapping with our products :slight_smile:

And yes, I understand that it was your provider who did the changes…
But what do you think? Should this be a problem of your clients?
We bought a software with a map view functionality and this could be and it is a huge advantage
for many of us that we can see just after input photos to the Mapper where we are… Find another one provider,
buy another service for. It does not matter to me at all. I need to work with MY/YOUR software as I bought it - and I will!
There is no way I will leave it like this that someone - and it doesn’t matter who for me as a client of yours -
turn of a part of MY OWN BOUGHT SOFTWARE and you are simply making a solution to BUY AN UPGRADE!
This is a huge mistake from you to simply think this way. Really…
And the only and simply solution for this is to give to any of your client who has this problem a version of Mapper
which has its full options. THERE IS NO OTHER WAY!
Otherwise we will make you a “good” advertisement on the social media. No joking at all…

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We are using the pix4D mapper version 4.5.6. We received a lifetime license, but we cannot update beyond this version because the period you have given has expired.

Pix4d is a software that you sell for serious prices.
The company offering the map base terminates the support and as a result, there is a problem with the software. However, it is quite strange that you cannot offer a solution to us customers for your past software versions that are not too old, and you try to sell the new version of the program.

This situation will shake the trust of us users in you.

I guess you can manage to release a free patch for a situation like this, which has quite simple solutions. Thus, we can use an online or offline map base that we want or you want.

If you cannot find a solution, we will necessarily prefer other companies in our future drone and software purchases and we will recommend other brands to our environment.


I have the same issue. I do not see how they can legally turn off features in the software that we already paid for. If this is going to be the case i will be forced to try a different software company.

I have just upgraded to the latest version last night and had a background map for a few hours but now it is gone again. Can you tell me how to turn it on please?


Hi Marcus,

Which Pix4Dmapper version are you using?

Could you please make sure your internet connection is good?

Please share a screenshot with us that highlights the issue.


how do i get the maps to show? I have the current version of Pix4d 4.6.4 and I am connected to the internet.

Thank you,


Hello Sean,

If you are using version 4.6.4 and you have a good internet connection, you should be able to see the map.
I suggest you wait until the processing is completed, close Pix4Dmappper, and open it again. If this does not work, please uninstall it and install it again. You can download it here:

Please let me know if this solves the problem.
Also, does it happen with all your project or just this one?

Same here, the map no longer display…
We have subscibe to Support and renew to get the lastest version.
The map has shown until now…
I hope this will be patched soon.

Hello everyone,

For those who experience this problem with our latest 4.6.4 version please send us the following information in order to report it to our developers’ team:

  • a screenshot that highlights the issue
  • are your GPU drivers updated?
  • does this happen with all projects?
  • did you try to uninstall and install again Pix4Dmapper?
  • additionally, please send us the machine specs:
  1. Click the Windows Start icon and type System Information. Select the application in the list above.
  2. In the application, click File > Save… and export the content.
  3. Attach the file your_file.nfo to the reply.

Thank you for the collaboration :slight_smile:


I had my IT guys update the GPU Drivers and it did not fix the problem so then I had them uninstall Pix4D and then reinstall it and the maps are working now so I’m not sure what the exact issue was but it is working now

Thank you!

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Glad to know it is working now!