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Satellite view map is not magnified.

Hi Guys

Map on Capture app is not enlarged more than certain scale on satellite view. The map beyond certain scale is blackened or does not enlarged. However, when I switch to road view, I can magnify the map larger than satellite view. I more prefer satellite view than road view when I make a flight plan on location because I can refer terrain on satellite map intuitively.

I use DJI P3P and Asus Zenpad for Capture App and connect from South Korea.  I don’t know if this limit is a country restriction or depending on device setting or bug of App…ect. 

I have the same problem in New Zealand, that and the background maps are very outdated.

I also checked with DroneDeploy App. It is same as Pix4D Capture.

However, I can see clearly and enlarge it as much as I want with terrain view in Google map on my mobile and desk top.


Hi all,

Regarding the Map View of Pix4Dcapture, it is still possible to use the map (instead of the satellite) view. One might be more updated than the other. Anyhow, updating the background is in our pipeline.

We are also aware that in some places, tiles are missing depending on the zoom level. It can be possible to zoom but no tile is displayed or the zoom level is blocked. Unfortunately, only the map provider is responsible for that. Again switching from the satellite to the map view might partially solve the problem of the missing background information when adjusting your grid in Pix4Dcapture.

We hope this will help.
Thank you for sharing your concern.

Best regards,

I tried that but no good for me either way. The background map in the “map view” in Pix4dmapper Pro is much better as it has the roads that are still yet to be built shown on it where as the capture app has none.The google earth coordinates 36° 36’ 36"S 174° 40’ 24"E is an example of what i am trying to deal with. It makes it hard to try and get a correct area for flight planning to optimize battery usage etc.

What map does Pix4D caputure use?

Orientiering is not so easy on the location without detailed terrain map . I also check surrounding obstacles with this map comparing with flight route and real location intuitively.

Even I can make a grid mission with clear terrain map within no-fly-zone, military area etc. However, many area blocked on this map is neither no-fly-zone nor protected area. Some blocked area is even dedicated for drone test bed where I can fly over 12kg to 150kg UAV without government permission.  

I don’t know why map provider blocked specific area and how I can solve this problem.



Hi Anthony and JS,

We totally understand that it makes the flight planning complicated when tiles are missing.
It seems like our map provider on Android has recently updated the background, both satellite and roadmap.

Did you have the chance to test our latest Android version 3.0.1?
Does the issue remain?


The problem mainly affects rural and non urban areas where maps don’t show distinguishable landmarks especially in the event that no roads or building exist making impossible to effectively plan a flight with maximum battery efficiency in mind.

Possible solutions to this problem in most recent versions of Android are to:

Hope it helps!

This problem remains in both the desktop app (Pix4dMapper) and the mobile app (Pix4dCapture).

Hi Nikos,

We are aware that in some areas, the map data are unfortunately missing for our provider.
Apologies for the inconvenience.