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Aircraft speed AT POINT OF CAPTURE?

I fly P4Adv from DJI. I note whilst mapping USING P4D-CAPTURE, you state the aircraft slows down at each photo point, to capture imagery. Based on FAST speed (above 100mts AGL), and especially on low light days, what does the P4DCapture app slow my aircraft down to (from what speed, to what speed)…and then speed up again to what speed, to fly to the next capture point, to capture the clearest imagery possible, short of adopting “Safe Mode”??
Can i simply set it to fly at Fastest speed and based on lighting conditions, the software is clever enough to slow the Drone automatically to a suitable “blur free” speed? Will ISO be bumped up automatically too?
For 150+ Hectare properties, i am trying to understand if slowing the flight speed down MANUALLY is really necessary or if the software does this to the most efficient levels already.
Thanks in advance.

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