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Start mission speed

Hi I wonder if there is a way to change the speed of the UAV when going to the first point of a mission. I know that you can set the speed for the mission. I like to fly slow (max 3m/sec) in order that I can get good pictures with my phantom 4 pro. My problem is when the phantom goes to the first point of the mission it usually it goes at 10m/sec. I can not find anywhere a way to change this.
I would appreciate any ideas
Thanks before hand

Hi Gerardo,
Thanks for your continued interest in Pix4D solutions. I’m afraid there is currently no setting within Pix4Dcapture that will allow you to alter the drone speed during the flight to the first waypoint. You could fly the craft manually to the start point at the desired speed, then trigger the mission to upload and begin once the UAV is at/near the desired location. You can submit ideas/suggestions for software improvements via the Pix4D community link for Feature Requests and Suggestions.
Aaron Woods