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DJI Inspire 2 excessive speed to mission start and RTH

I searched the forum but I wasn’t able to find anyone experiencing the same issue. I am a new user to PIX4D capture. I am using a DJI Inspire 2. Even when I turn the speed all the way down, it ascends, goes to it’s mission start point, RTH, and descends at what seems to be full speed. While it is taking pictures it does move slow/ as expected. Also is there a way to have the landing gear automatically retract to allow the collision detection to turn on? At the speed that it is flying, I doubt the collision detection has enough time to detect/ react/ and stop. My drone crashed into a tree on my second mapping mission. It was definitely my fault, I did not set my altitude high enough to account for elevation change and tree height, costly rookie mistake, but the excessive speed was a contributing factor. I have since repaired the drone and conducted several more successful missions but I would like more control over the speeds before I trust it. The other day I had an extremely hard landing, it was descending very quickly and if I had not taken over at the last second it would have slammed into the ground even harder.

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